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We've been taking in money on Patreon and have been wondering about bigger rewards for a while. One we've kicked around is an Erika Tumblr.
Tumblr Teaser by Lance-the-young

Was wondering about getting a Tumblr account for a while anyway to branch out to people who aren't on DA and an Erika-based Tumblr is something we've been wondering about for a while anyway, so seems like a perfect match. Hell, we've been planning this for a LONG while. Remember this little teaser? Was for that page.
Erika Doodles Teaser by Lance-the-young

Aaaand with the Patreon account bringing in more and more money, it feels natural that we set it up now. Would give people the chance to ask questions and the like, with the bonus of Erika stuff on a regular basis. Heh. Maybe give a play-by-play when Ultrasun and Ultramoon come out of her going through the game.

It's been set up as a Patreon benchmark; once we hit $100 we'll set it up and start going. And this is on top of our usual rewards for the next several months worth of commissions being viewable right now for the price for two dollars a month.

We're wondering about other huge projects for other benchmarks, such as making comic adaptations of Erika's Not Alone or Birthday Baby or hell, finishing the rest of the Occupied Bathrooms series or something. I dunno, that's a bit more distant and the benchmarks for those would likely be fairly high. ^^

If anyone's curious, or has info on Tumblr or other sites, let us know. ^^ The additional bonus of going to Tumblr is getting more viewers and potential Patrons who don't go to DA. I know folks are setting up back-up spots on other sites anyway....

Patreon page is here;

The Commission Queue is here;

:iconlulshi: - 13 Heads, 9 Backgrounds
:icongrandsword: - 6 Heads, 5 Backgrounds
:iconkiwi-the-fruit: - Headcount TBD


United States
Current Residence: Louisiana
Favorite style of art: Art I think I have a shot at imitating
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DKN117 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2017
Couple of Erika-verse questions:

What kinda games do the sisters like? Due to her reading epic fantasy novels, I kinda see Erika being into Legend of Zelda; before her de-aging I think of Marie maybe liking sci-fi FPS games like Halo (as well as a fondness for Kirby games that she was ashamed of due to the cutesiness); and Sarah... Kingdom Hearts and Metroid, maybe? And I recall it being mentioned that all three girls (and Timmy) are into Pokémon.

Has Sarah ever changed Timmy yet? If so... well, she seems like she might be the type to do it for giggles or cuteness: has she ever "accidentally" changed him into a girly-design diaper?

BTW, I'm a Patron now; so far you're the only person I'm Patroning (mainly because I can afford $2 a month, but maybe not the 5 or 10 a month some other Patreoners ask for).
Lance-the-young Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2017
Heh. Mason Miller? ^^ Glad to hear, we can always use more Patrons.

Those are all good guesses; in particular can totally see Sarah being into Metroid and Kingdom Hearts (imagine Erika having a gaming bug is something her sister gave her). I dunno about Zelda for Erika but could kinda see it. Implication is that the girl does love Fantasy. For Marie... I could see her not being into games at all pre-perfume, and getting into it a liiiittle bit after because her now-older sisters play it with her.

Heh. Guess the Sarah question is based on the latest comic with him Patreon? ^^ I thiiiink she hasn't changed him yet. Maybe soon.
grandsword Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, dunno if you've got web, but sent pay for the commission.
Lance-the-young Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2017
Erm... Why?
carlitosbug Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2017
Because, the movie ("Thumbelina (1994)") has a nice storyline, and the gorgeous music of Barry Manilow, that's why. And her voice reminds me of Ariel from "The Little Mermaid (1989)". By the way, this movie might be new to you.
DKN117 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2017
I can't remember if it was every said or not; where in the U.S. do Erika and her family live? I've kinda imagined the San Francisco area, but odds are I'm wrong.
Lance-the-young Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2017
Heh. Nah, just that the city is called Strington. I pictured it being in the American south, partly because works me and Martin have done that DO have set locations (namely the webcomics) are set there.
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