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Ayanami was hoping that perhaps the angel would leave them to their own devices now, giving her time to analyze what she'd realized during her spankings. Thus, she was disappointed when the creature didn't move, choosing instead to hover cryptically over the infants. Seconds ticked by, and Rei spent them wondering what fresh new torture it might have planned for them when it finally spoke.

"Are my little ones feeling hungry?" it finally asked.

Almost on cue, a collective grumble came from the stomachs of the three babies. As both of her fellow pilots nodded numbly, Rei began to ponder the logistics of this. She could feel rather gnawing hunger pains, but if she was still in her entry pl-

"Well, let's get my babies fed, then!" cried the angel with an enthusiastic smile. That was all it said before pulling its apron and shirt down to show an enormous pair of naked breasts.

Predictably, Shinji squeaked and covered his eyes just beside Rei, which left Asuka giggling. After her teasing laughter halted though, the diapered redhead toddled up toward the Angel, bouncing and cooing, "I'm hungwy, Mommy! I wann' dwink!"

"A-Asuka!" Ayanami glanced at Shinji, who had his eyes protectively covering his eyes, shielding them from the image of the angel's massive mammaries. "Don't dwink from 'dat! D-Dat's gwoss!"

"Is not!" giggled out Asuka happily as the angel picked her up. "You was jus' sayin' ya wann'ed a wady ta suck on!"

"Oh, did he?" The angel smiled, blinking down at Shinji with a teasing smile of its own. "Well, you're free to suck on Mommy, sweetness..."

The angel reached down for Shinji, who hastily scooted away in fear, Rei doing the same. Glancing at the boy, she quietly assured him, "Don't drink her milk, Shinji. It's not human milk."

"Silence, Rei-Rei!" The Angel's sudden tone in addressing the blue-haired baby made the other two pilots jump, but Rei remained as stoic as ever. Turning its attention to Shinji now, the creature asked, "Are you certain you don't want a nice drink from Mommy? Get you nice and full?"

Eyes squeezed shut, Shinji shook his head, causing Asuka to coo out, "Shinji's jussa' scawdy cat, Mommy!"

"Hush now, Muffin..." Patting the redhead on the bottom, the angel cooed to the boy, "Well, if you're absolutely certain little guy, I suppose I could arrange a bottle for you." While Shinji cooed happily at the prospect, the angel added in a more serious tone, "Of course, you'd be drinking from a bottle while your sister gets to drink from Mommy. All by yourself. With just a bottle. Are you sure that's what you want."

It was clearly the tone of a parent attempting to guilt-trip their child, so obvious that even Rei could pick up on it. Thankfully, Shinji was still hopelessly terrified and awkward around women, so his response was to again shake his head and squeak out, "Wann' ba-ba!"

"Hm..." Appearing annoyed, the creature turned now to Rei, asking sweetly, "Rei-Rei, would you like to-"

"I would prefer a bottle as well," replied Rei seriously.

That apparently did not please the Angel, who grimaced at both babies momentarily before rising to her feet and marching away with Asuka. The redheaded baby snickered in the monster's arms, sticking her tongue out at her fellow pilots and crying, "More of mommy fer me!"

At that point, Asuka latched her mouth onto one of the angel's swollen breasts and began to nurse. A pleased, happy little moan came from the German baby that made Ayanami uneasy, a feeling which grew when the angel whispered something syrupy sweet to the child, cupping her bottom with one hand and grabbing two bottles from a table with the other. Haphazardly, she dumped them before the pair, demanding, in a taunting sort of voice, "Drink up. Mommy will be here if you want her."

That settled, Rei had a moment of peace to consider what she'd experienced over her spanking. As the First Child, trapped in her infant body with its undeveloped muscles, diapered rear end, and naked body, Rei felt the soft, powdery air of this nursery-prison in her lungs. She wiggled her toes into the shaggy carpet. She squirmed, feeling her butt rub into her diaper.

All those sensations hitting her, Ayanami closed her eyes. She focused. She was not in the nursery. She was in her entry plug. She'd never left her entry plug.

Without opening her eyes, Ayanami took a deep breath. A rush of warm, pleasant LCL filled her lungs. Somewhere there was the soft, "BEEP BEEP" of her warning light, going slowly. Her long, feminine, mature fingers gripped her controller. Giving her butt another wiggle, she felt her underwear trapped snugly between her bottom and her plugsuit. She wasn't naked- her suit clung to her like a second skin.

This information in mind, Rei opened her eyes. She was in the nursery. Shinji sat behind her, sitting at exactly her height and just as chubby and soft as she was. Looking down at herself, Rei noticed she was nude save for a diaper.

Another hunger pain hit her. The realization dawned on her that she needed to eat soon, but that wasn't true either. She knew it couldn't be because she was in her entry plug, and the LCL was filtering nutrients directly into her body by way of her plugsuit. Therefore, she would not be hungry.

The hunger pains stopped. Ayanami's tiny baby belly was quite full. The slightest smile rose on the pilot's typically-stoic face. It would appear she had found a weapon at long last.

Then, noticing Shinji, she turned toward him to remark, "You can uncover your eyes and take your bottle now, Ikari."

"Mm? Oh..." The Third Child took his pudgy hands off his face and picked up the bottle the Angel had dumped at his feet. With a gulp, he noted, "I-Is Asuka still... Um... Sucking?"

Rei looked over her shoulder at the Angel and the Second Child. Asuka's lips were wrapped around the monster's teat, greedily guzzling down her milk. She had her eyes shut, with a very placid, sleepy expression on her face which Rei didn't like. While the pilot nursed dreamily, the Angel petted her hair and spoke to her in a soft, slow voice.

"Yes." Something was happening with Asuka and the Angel and Rei didn't like it. Frowning, she turned to Shinji, remarking, "I believe we must move quickly or else-"

"YUCK!" The First Child was cut off on her explanation when Shinji put his bottle to his mouth and spat it out just as fast. Some small trickles of milk were left in his mouth, but the baby boy spent a moment loudly spitting them out on the carpet before explain, "Bleck... 'Dis's gwoss, Wei."

"Let me see."

As her fellow pilot handed her the bottle, Rei rose the tip to her nose and sniffed it. She grimaced at once. The scent was comparable to mixing vomit, human entrails, and Misato Katursagi's cooking in a paint mixer. Nodding meaningfully, she began to pat Shinji on the back as the baby continued spitting on the floor, "I believe this is some manner of indirect conditioning on the part of the Angel."


This might actually be a fair way for Rei to test something, actually.... "The Angel is angry you didn't agree to nurse from her breast, so she's given you an inedible beverage in order to coerce you into changing your mind. Take the bottle again."

As the blue-haired baby placed the bottle back into Shinji's arms, the boy nodded and obeyed, pulling it to his body. "Close your eyes," began Ayanami slowly. "Imagine for a moment that the bottle contains orange juice. It's limitless and is filled to the brim with the sweetest and purest juice you can possibly taste."

"Mm..." The boy's lips moved, clearly able to picture such a thing, "I-I think... I c'n taste it, W-Wei..."

"Good..." Rei took the bottle from the boy's grip and slowly rose it to his lips. Shinji let out a loud, yummy, "Mm," noise and began to eagerly suckle down its contents, which had turned from dingy yellow to sunshine gold.


It was time, as far as Rei was concerned, to stop this charade. Shutting her eyes and collecting her thoughts, the infant began to focus. The sound of Shinji's suckling faded away. Her plugsuit clung to her every crevice and pore. There was the beeping of a monitor, slowed down and distorted, as if being heard through a bad audio recording. Major Katsuragi's orders morphed into a sluggish drone.

The pilot took a long deep breath of LCL, savoring the feeling as it rushed into her lungs. As she soaked up the feeling of her own body, she focused on her hands. The tiny, stubby feeling of them persisted in the back of her mind. The tiny baby hands she had in the nursery.

But that wasn't so, thought the girl. In the cockpit, she flexed and wiggled her fingers. They felt numb and tired, but as she moved them about, they began to come to life. Long, graceful, feminine. The feeling of her stubby, tiny hands began to fade away.

"I am not an infant," stated the pilot, in a calm yet firm voice.

Her mind cleared even more. The deja-vu-esque feeling to her extremities faded. Her body, budding and slender, felt so firm and full. Her pilots were not infants either. She began to focus on their image. Asuka, directly at her height, red hair falling about her smooth, mature face and school uniform complimenting her developing teenage body. Shinji's gangly yet broad-shouldered image, face thin and long, so much like his father's. These were her pilots, not the toddlers who crawled about down in the nursery.

Rei's mind slid back into the angel's prison, flowing naturally downward. As the smells and sounds of the nursery faded away, she said to the room, quietly, "This is how things are meant to be."

A smile came to the pilots face. She could hear the angel give a shocked surprised cry behind her. Her body felt long and mature, not weak and infantile. She rose proudly to her feet, noting how much higher it took her from the floor. As she opened her eyes, she caught sight of the Angel, balking at how Asuka had spontaneously become a teenager in her arms.

.... And was still wearing the tiny dress and bright red diaper.

In confusion, Rei looked down at Shinji, to find him also wearing a blue diaper and much-larger sailor shirt, staring bewildered down at himself. The teenager brought her attention to her own wardrobe now, finding she was in a nappy large enough to fit over her considerably-larger bottom and a bra. She wasn't quite sure where the latter came from and, odd occurrence though it was, didn't care.

Never being one to care about her state of dress, no matter who was watching or how absurd, Rei demanded of her captor, "You will put Soryu down and release us both, less we be forced to fight our way out."

"Wait, wait, wait! Rei!" The teenaged Shinji stumbled to his feet, tugging on his plastic underwear as he did so. "You can't just.... How are we gonna fight her? She's so.... Ugh...." The First Child's concern rose as her comrade rose a hand to his nose, squeezing its bridge, "I feel funny..."

This was met with an acknowledging nod from Ayanami, or commanded, "Sit down, Ikari. I have managed to disrupt her degree of mental control over us. It is likely that your thinking process will clear itself soon and we may make our escape together."

"Heh.... So they can think."

At that cryptic note, Rei turned her attention back to the angel. It was slowly rocking Soryu back and forth in its arms, in spite of her being restored to teenage size. The pilot continued to suckle on the monster's breast, eyes closed peacefully as she did so.

"One didn't know you were so intelligent," remarked the angel. With one hand cupping Asuka's diapered butt, the other continued to stroke her hair as she nursed. "You have only five senses, three dimensions, and a single given form. There is great surprise in your being this perceptive."

It occurred to Rei she should have felt uneasy over this, but somehow she did not. Deception and control were the things that had been most unsettling from their captor but Rei had robbed it of one and it had apparently chosen to abandon the other. Perhaps it realized it had no chance of controlling them now, but the way it continued to coo to Asuka gave her doubt for that possibility.

Ayanami stepped forward then, noting how her diaper still managed to restrict her movement, "Mankind has a greater force behind it than you may know. You will place Asuka down and let us free at once."

"And so you might kill me with the fanged, perverse monsters you're bonded with," replied the Angel grinning. "I think not. I already have what I need."

The creature lightly patted Asuka's behind with the hand cupping it, and the diapered teen let out a weak moan of satisfaction. As Ayanami watched, the redhead pilot let out a shudder as she continued drinking.

"I will take the all-father," continued the angel, grinning teasingly. "This girl will get him for me. I will take her mind into me, and the perverse, murdering abortion she's bonded with will be mine. Once I crawl inside it, I can claw my way into the egg and achieve evolution."

As this vague explanation of a plan was spit forth, Rei could hear Shinji get shakingly to his feet behind her. The slightest twinge of pride rose inside her as he attempted to demand, "P-Put Asuka down! You can't do.... whatever it is you're planning on doing to her!"

Shinji must have realized just how weak an order that was, especially coming from a fourteen-year-old in a diaper, since he faceplamed immediately after saying it. Rei picked up behind him, undaunted. "Ikari is correct. You will released Soryu at once, us alongside her. You will then surrender to the Geofront where you will be dissected and executed. In that order."

While Ayanami had not been expecting the angel to comply with her demand, she did not expect so violent a response as the monster grabbing a jar of baby food and hurling it at her face. The First Child ducked quickly to the side, bumping into Shinji after doing so.

Their diapers crinkling against each other, the two teenagers steadied themselves before giving one another a solemn nod.

"Alright...." While his voice was shaky, Shinji nonetheless spoke with a certain air of determination as he proclaimed, "Y-You're going to put a stop to this right now!"

On that last statement, Shinji made to charge, only to yelp ineffectually as he went nowhere. Ayanami had grabbed the back of his diaper, holding him briefly in place. As she let go and snapped it back (ignoring the hurt pout from the boy), she asked the angel, "I have only one more question- What were to happen if, in this chamber, one of us were to murder the other?"

"Hm. One shouldn't be surprised...." The angel's grin grew more condescending, and also wider as if to cleave its head in twain. "Your spirits are as ill-evolved as your bodies. But I suspected even you would know that once your physical form and spiritual essence can no longer be synchronized perfectly, the spirit is pushed outward to the world beyond. This can be done by attacking either the astral or the corporeal."

From between the monsters legs, something was wriggling and writhing. Rei could hear it from across the room. A sequence of thin, gooey tentacles began to squirm their way from behind the apron of the beast and settle on the floor. Like Earthworms digging toward the sky, they soon began to turn their tips upward and crawl toward Asuka's unconscious body.

"What you're saying," remarked Rei, narrowing her eyes, "Is that death in this nursery you've made for us would mean death for our physical bodies."

The monster sighed, relieved, "I was wondering how well I could explain it. Your "speech"- this concept that vibrations in the air can convey thoughts- is a most imperfect form of communication."

"I just wished to know if I may kill you with no ill effects."

That was the most Ayanami was able to say before the freakish new appendages birthed from the Angel's naval reached Asuka. They began to wrap themselves, in a surprisingly-gentle (if still nauseating) manner around her ankles before growing upwards along her leg.


Shinji lunged. Frantic, Rei made another grope for his diaper but she was too late- he was already quickly crossing toward the monster. Because of Asuka's larger size, the angel had trouble avoiding him and was only able to stumble awkwardly backward. With this advantage, the boy was able to easily bridge the gap between them and wrap his arms around Asuka's torso.

Gritting his teeth, the diapered teenager pulled as hard as he could manage on the redhead, even placing his foot on the creature's torso and attempting to push her away. He seemed to accomplish part of what he was setting out for- he freed Asuka from the monster's arms, but the tentacles that had wrapped around her leg held firm. His balance upset, the Third Child fell onto his diapered butt with the Second still in his arms.

"Shinji..." Part of Rei wanted to dash out to rescue the boy she'd grown so fond of, but she stopped herself. Acting irrationally would only result in disaster. They outnumbered the angel two to one, but if they intended to kill her, they would need weapons.

Rei scanned herself. The only items on her person where a bra and a diaper that she now noticed was rather wet. Neither was a suitable weapon for which to commit murder. She needed a firearm.

Turning her gaze about the nursery, Ayanami soon spotted two bottles at her feet. She promptly picked up the one filled with sour milk the Angel had given her and shut her eyes. Shinji could change the content of a bottle, there was little reason she couldn't change the item to a fuller extent.

It was soft and plastic and hollow, but Rei told herself otherwise. She recalled when Commander Ikari took her to the firing range to learn how to shoot. She remembered the cold metal of the handle in her delicate hands, the firm weight and structure of the pistol against her arms. Sleek, solid, and shining- a weapon.

Opening her eyes again, Rei's heart skipped a beat. The angel had pinned Shinji to the ground beneath Asuka kneeling on the redhead. As more of its tentacles began to wrap around the Second Child, its hands gripped Shinji's neck, slowly strangling him while he lay helpless.

The tiniest of scowls on her face, Rei rose the firearm that used to be a baby bottle and took aim.

At first Rei was worried the gun wouldn't function properly and that it would somehow shoot milk. Her heart gave a happy flutter when the item fired out a bullet, and another when the bullet actually pierced the angel's face just under the eye.

The nursery itself gave a sudden shift in weight, as if whatever foundations it had been built upon had become unstable. For a brief moment the angel's body went limp, a hole in its face dripping hot, dark blue liquid over Shinji's chest. But the next instant a terrifying, eardrum-shredding noise emitted from deep within the creature. The cry was not so much inhuman as it was totally dethatched from any life on Earth at all.

Not hesitating for a moment, Rei fired the gun again, putting a bullet into the monster's shoulder and forcing it to let go of Shinji's throat. Its body bucked and twisted as if not in possession of a spine, its good arm released him also. But upon doing so, it grabbed Asuka by her hair, tearing her from the mess of tentacles entangling her and lifted her above its head. The pilot still seemed dazed and didn't scream, even as she was hurled in Ayanami's direction.

Hardly a stranger to such maneuvers, Rei dropped and let the German pass over her, landing with a plop onto her diapered bottom. The angel, now leaving Shinji on the floor and continuing to spray its blood onto everything around it, changed, allowing Rei to shoot it in the kneecap. And again in the forehead. And once more in the heart.

At last, the monster lost its momentum and fell with a wet thud onto its back, its blood (which smelt of LCL), soaking into the carpet around it. Ayanami could hear it sputtering as gasping for breath as it writhed it pain. Just beyond her, Shinji was recovering from his strangling, coughing violently for air, and, just barely audible, Asuka was letting out sleepy moans of pain.

Ignoring her pilots for the moment, Rei rose to her bare feet, lightly wiping the blood from the carpet off of the seat of her diaper. She moved over the moaning creature, aiming her weapon. Looking over the monster's body, Rei could see a tiny red sphere between its breasts. Taking aim at the core, she soon fired.

With one final violent scream and a great painful jerk of movement, the angel's soul left its body. All at once, a rush of feelings and sensations hit Rei's brain. She was being pulled upwards but at the same time was stationary, sitting in the comfort of her entry plug. She became aware once more of the serious pain in her belly-button from the angel's first strike, but immediately afterward it subsided. Her brain grew heavy and dazed, struggling as Misato Katsuragi's voice faded in and became more coherent.

Her body ached and her muscles felt strained. Eyelids hurt and heavy, Rei slumped over in place and slipped out of consciousness.
This is the penultimate part. The epilogue comes next. Know this part is longer than the others but wanted to get to this point.

Where to start.... I recall how long it took me to get through this one part. Probably longer than the rest of the whole story. I just trudged through this whole thing like molassus until I got to the ending.

I do like the Angel showing its real colors here and revealing how inhuman it really was. Kaworu was probably more accustomed to what humans were like, but this one seemed more oblivious to things if she wasn't reading it from Shinji, Asuka, and Rei's minds.

Its eventual plot was to merge with the minds of one of the pilots once it got through to them, then through the mental link merge physically with an Evangelion Unit to take Central Dogma. Which would be done by absorbing Asuka. Twisted, yeah, but they did it in the second Rebuild movie by eating on EVA, so eh.

I recall at one point I was going to have Rei (who, once again, went super-badass unexpectedly), find out her gun only shot out Baby Formula like a water-gun. She would then be forced to pistol-whip the angel to death. .... I don't know why, I just figured it would be a freaky image. I kinda skipped right to it firing bullets because I honestly just wanted the story to end and shooting it would be faster.

We'll find out more in the next part.
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When is the next part going to be coming out? :D This is so cute, violant and surreal.
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Heh. It's already up, you can see it here- [link]
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You'd be right, just keep reading. ^^ Just gladja think it'd fit in with the show.
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Geistis Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012
As I mentioned before this certainly would have been one of the more interesting Angel battles in the series. I do wonder if they will suffer any after effects of what the Angel did to them.

Continues to be a great story! :D
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That was surreal and violent, but mostly violent. Yay violence!
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